Wassup fam?

I mean, what more can I say? Ya'll see how we get down..right? Ya'll see that we changin' the game..right?
Well, the way we see it..in mr.moodys neighborhood, EVERYBODY'S a STAR!!!

So on memorial day... while the rest of 'regular radio' was chasin around 'celebrities' and stickin their head deep in the asses of a- list talent who could give a fuk about them or me or you, we kept it gangsta..we kept it real..we kept it family!

We at FEE's house!!! One of the coolest, sexiest, smartest most down to earth females to ever bless the planet!

When the next door crew got with Fee, Tailor- made and the rest of the folks...well ummm...u should listen(put the kids to bed and grab a drink or a joint on this one)

Once again...as only we can do, we present 'party @ Fee's house' Next Door Neighbor style...
Love ya' Fee!!

The Party