August 30th, 2014


Ok. Seriously. It's Labor Day weekend and Moody is Fuuucked up! LoL! It's the "labor Day Hangover!" Get SOBER! **Re-Spect to "Missuh Paul" for schooling us on "Un-Learning" while we were at the table playing dominoes and getting liquored. SALUTE!**

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(Random News+”Ferguson”)8/29/14

August 29th, 2014


It's been a hectic week for Podcast Diddy, but he had to pick up the slack for J.I.M with the "news", and vibe with the Fam for a few. Happy Friday! ENJOY!

#Super7’s!(PLUS 1!)”My Playlist” 8/27/14

August 27th, 2014


Fam! Today, the Cubicle Killa' takes us on a diverse but honest ride with the 8 songs he's been listening to for the last 2 weeks. It's a special SUPAAA 7's....PLUS ONE! Relax....and enjoy.

#JeffIsMoody!(See ya’ on 9/2/14!) 8/26/14

August 26th, 2014


J.I.M is on the MONSTER GRIND! Had to skip a show today, but Super7's and #MMN will be new and fresh for this week! **DONT FORGET TO ACCEPT THE #HoodLoveMondaySMILEchallenge! Make just one person smile and challenge them to do the same!** See you all next week, with a brand new J.I.M!


August 25th, 2014


Today and all week, I need you to make a commitment to make someone smile. Even if that someone is yourself. Smile! Goood Morning!!

#SaturdayMorningHangover! 8/22/14

August 23rd, 2014


Fam! This morning, a hungover Moody gives a few shout outs, talks about leading our kids by example, and rocks 3 nice tunes by 3 sexy ladies. GET SOBER!

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(A Word About “BLACK ON BLACK”)8/22/14

August 22nd, 2014


Moody is on the run(as usual), but takes a few minutes to talk about the REAL black on black "crime" that plagues us. If truth hurts you, skip this show. One Love. **TIM! Thanks for the Amber Bock beer! I think I called you Eric at one point, but that's your brother, so f*ck it! Lol.**

#Super7’s! (Militant!) 8/20/14

August 20th, 2014


I don't condone fuckery....I'm just saying.....sometimes you just have be militant. What kind of Militant is up to you! Choose wisely. Here's some theme music.

#JeffIsMoody!(ATHLETES GONE CRAZY!)8/19/14

August 19th, 2014


Welcome to a special edition of the J.I.M podcast called "Athletes Gone Crazy!" I may do this once a month. We'll see. Enjoy! jeffismoody@gmail.com

#HoodLoveMonday!(Special Inspiration!)8/18/14

August 18th, 2014


Fam! Sometimes, the motivator needs to be MOTIVATED! We all have someone who has blessed us with the very knowledge that we bestow upon others. Today, I ask you to thank your teacher, and then proceed to TEACH others. Gooood MORNING!

#SaturdayMorningHangover!(Queen Advice!)8/16/14

August 16th, 2014


A worn out and tipsy Moody talks to his Queens about "The New Age Man" and then rocks a "Mrs. Moody Mud Run Crash The Car Mix!" GET SOBER!

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(Sex Is NOT Top 3!)8/15/14

August 15th, 2014


Today, Moody takes some "entertainment" news from #JeffIsMoody and also explains why sex shouldn't be on your top 3 list for reasons to marry someone! ENJOY!

#Super7’s! (Super7’s “Solo 7’s!)8/13/14

August 13th, 2014


Today's featured group on Super 7's "Solo 7's" is the LEGENDARY Toni Tone Tony! Fam....sit back, relax. I got you on this one


August 12th, 2014


Folks! A studio session and crappy internet service cut this show short, but methinks you should listen anyway. jeffismoody@gmail.com

#HoodLoveMondays (Be safe.)8/11/14

August 11th, 2014


Good Morning, Fam. Be safe.

#SaturdayMorningHangover!(8/9/14) “Do What’s Right.”

August 9th, 2014


A hungover Moody talks about being bigger than hate is, and then rocks a "raquetball tourney" crash the car mix!  WARNING! HARDCORE MUSIC TODAY! Lol.

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(MY PODCAST DESIGN.)8/8/14

August 8th, 2014


Fam! Queen "Neecy" asked me how my mind spins when I podcast. Here's the answer. Enjoy, and have a safe and productive weekend!

#Super7’s! (Driving to the 80’s!)8/6/14

August 6th, 2014


FAM! Today, the Cubicle Killa' shares a few gems from the 80's that he jammed to while traveling on Vacay! WARNING! YOU-WILL-BOOGIE! Let's get it! The king is back.


August 5th, 2014


Today, J.I.M talks President Obama's B-day, Paul George, Lebron license plate, Scandal vs Beyonce, and 64,000 missing black women! jeffismoody@gmail.com

#HoodLoveMondays!(”Hope” needs ACTION!)8/4/14

August 4th, 2014


Fam! We often wish or hope without actually taking "action" to make our wishes and hopes come true. STOP BEING LAZY! Hope needs action. GOOD MORNING!

#SaturdayMorningHangover!(MASTER THE PENIS!)8/2/14

August 2nd, 2014


Today on the MMN hangover, the "PodFather" talks about going H.A.M on yesterday's #MMN, and tells the queens to master their man's penis! Yup. Real talk as usual. GET SOBER!

#MrMoody’sNeighborhood!(Steven. A. Smith HATES WOMEN!(8/1/14)

August 1st, 2014


Vacay is OVER! Unfortunately, Moody comes back in a completely cantankerous state of mind and talks about the ESPN Steven. A. Smith suspension. 2 fucks are given about public opinion! The hood is BACK! Let's go.

#MrMoody’sNeighborhood!(Steven. A. Smith HATES WOMEN!(8/1/14)

August 1st, 2014

Vacay is OVER! Unfortunately, Moody comes back in a completely cantankerous state of mind and talks about the ESPN Steven. A. Smith suspension. 2 fucks are given about public opinion! The hood is BACK! Let's go.

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