#TheSaturdayMorningHangover!(YUP! It’s a replay!)10/31/15/Orig.10/4/14

October 31st, 2015

It's Halloween! Who gives a shit? Not us! Let's keep this classic replay vibe going with another crazy #Smh! Whatever I was talking about on this #SMH, all I know is that I played some classic old skool on this one! Y'all feel that? I'm on my way back with the NEWNESS! Is that a word? GET SOBER! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(ADULT BULLYING!)10/30/15/Orig.11/8/13

October 30th, 2015

As the classic replays wind down and the king preps his return either Monday coming or next Monday, we give you this classic replay w/ the 2013 BOUNCE as Moody just goes the fuk off on adult bullies. Thanks for all of your support while we were going through all the chaos! We return to normalcy in a few days. GET READY! Salute! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

Super7’s! (SEX RADIO!)10/28/15

October 28th, 2015

Ya' know....I'm all about the deepest and most freakiest sex. Just wanted to give the Fam something to get it poppin' to. IS THIS A REPLAY?!! I have so many Super7's in the bank, I honestly don't even know! Lol! Enjoy, make love...get wet. **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#JeffIsMoody/#JeffInTheCar!(HOLD THE DOOR!)10/27/15

October 27th, 2015

Fam! Today, Jeff hops in the car and vents about the lack of chivalry and common decency and courtesy that has become all too common place in our twisted society. WE IN THE CAR! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#HoodLoveMondays!(THE YEAR WAS 1941!)10/26/15/Orig.2/23/14

October 26th, 2015

Gooood MORNING! I simply adore my Mother Earth! My mom is the very reason why I hold principles, honor, love, and respect so dearly. I know you love your momma too! Here's a classic replay I did the day before her birthday last year. Whether your Earth is alive or passed on to higher places, let us NEVER forget to cherish these women who birthed us! EVERYDAY IS MOTHERS DAY! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#TheSaturdayMorningHangover!(MASTER THE PENIS!)10/24/15/Orig.8/2/14

October 24th, 2015

On this classic replay, the CUBICLE KILLA'! kinda' slows it down....sorta...maybe...as he tells the queens how to master the penis! Not your typical hangover, but F#*k it! The funny thing is, I don't even remember doing this one. SMH. GET SOBER! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(I Have No Idea!)10/23/15/Orig.2/27/15

October 23rd, 2015

Fam! Honestly, I have no idea what classic replay this is. It seems like I was talking about the tv Broadway musical called EMPIRE, and then I think I answered some questions from the Fam or something....maybe not, I dunno! What I DO know is that we return to our regular program on Monday, November 2nd! Get ready! SALUTE! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text @ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#Super7’s! (BLACK BOY BANDS!)10/21/15

October 21st, 2015

As the king preps for his return, let's enjoy one more Super7's classic replay! Dust off your running man, oak tree, two step, robot, and cabbage patch! BLACK-BOY-BANDS! They will NEVER be as great as they were back then! Enjoy! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#JeffIsMoody/#JeffInTheCar!(People BEEN Scandalous!)10/20/15

October 20th, 2015

BRAND NEW JEFF IN THE CAR! Jeff hops in the car to explain that trifling people are not a new phenom! PEOPLE AIN'T SH*T and people BEEN scandalous! Lets go! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#HoodLoveMondays!(WATER YOUR PLANTS!)11/19/15/Orig.2014

October 19th, 2015

Goood MORNING! Out of all the shows I do, #HLM is sincerely the most important to me. The response I've gotten while I've been playing these classic replays has been just as strong as when I do new #HLM's! We've grown and pushed each other along as Fam! Let's continue to WATER OUR PLANTS! Listen up! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {LOOKS LIKE THE NDN RADIO MACHINE RETURNS BACK TO ALL NEW CONTENT ON 10/26! WE'LL LET YOU KNOW FOR SURE THIS WEEK!}

#TheSaturdayMorningHangover!(GROWN/SEXY HIPHOP PARTY!)10/17/15/Orig.2014

October 17th, 2015

No wanna be thugs, droopy pants, fighting, or hood rat behavior allowed! This house party is for the grown and sexy ONLY! Mingle, eat, drink, enjoy, and remember...what happens at the house party, STAYS AT THE HOUSE PARTY! Whether you're working, running errands, or just cleaning the house this morning, this Hangover classic will take you back to when house parties where magical! GET SOBER! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**{FAM! ITS ABOUT A WEEK TILL THE KING RETURNS! Ohhhhh BOY!!!!}

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(FULL HOUSE!)10/16/15/Orig.2013

October 16th, 2015

FAM! At some point time in the early months of 2013, we sat down with a full house and decided to cut a 2 hour muhfu#*in' podcast!!! Why? I have no idea. At least we had fun! We podcasted completely different structure and production wise back then, but one thing remains the same. WE KEEP IT 100% RAW! Will you ever get a 2 hour podcast from #MMN again? Probably not, so enjoy this classic replay and enjoy your weekend! SALUTE! {jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram} **SNIFF, SNIFF....CAN YALL SMELL THAT?! IT'S THE ROYAL FRAGRANCE OF THE KING PREPPING FOR HIS RETURN!!! STAY TUNED!**

#Super7’s!(Dooky Rope Chains/Hi-Top Fades!)10/14/15/orig12/17/14

October 14th, 2015

The Blazin Re-plays continue as the Cubicle KILLA' and Big Fee reminisce over some classic era hip hop! This one will NEVER be too old to replay! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/instagram** {FAM! It's almost about time to start the drum roll for the return! Stay tuned!}


October 13th, 2015

Fam! Do y'all remember when I used to do this "sports, news, and ent." show on Tues.? Here's a blast from the past of the BEST/WORST most sarcastically lazy news podcast.....ever! Once in a while I'll be bringing all new #JIM news back! Enjoy! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {Fam! We're only about a week and a half away from the return of full time NDN RADIO! Keep in mind that like the end of every year, we'll slowly shut the show down around the 1st week of December while we prep for 2016! It'll be worth the wait! SALUTE!}

#HoodLoveMondays!(The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge!)10/12/15/Orig.6/1/15

October 12th, 2015

Gooood MORNING! Losing weight can be quite the challenge. There are many different sorts of weight we need to lose to be fit! I am offering you this 30 day challenge to hopefully show you that sometimes success begins with the TYPE of weight you choose to lose first! Listen up. **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**


October 10th, 2015

Let's revisit this #SMH that has a hungover Moody telling some painful truth to weak ass men and then it's "Cubicle KILLA'" time as he spazzes on a "singing on the hook" crash the car mix! GET SOBER!! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {FAM! Only 1 or 2 MORE WEEKS OF CLASSIC REPLAYS AND THEN THE STAGE IS SET FOR A FIYA' RETURN TO OUR REGULAR SCHEDULE! STAY TUNED!}

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(PET PEEVE’S!)10/9/15/Orig.2014

October 9th, 2015

Fam! It's another "Blazini" replay as Podcast Diddy talks about a few of his pet peeves! Cousin Ed and Mrs. Moody also talk about a few of their peeves as well. Enjoy! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {THE KING IS PREPPING FOR HIS RETURN IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO! STAY TUNED AND GET READY FOR THE RETURN OF THE RAW!!}

Super7’s! The ETERNAL Frankie Knuckles!(10/7/15 Orig 2014)

October 7th, 2015

Fam! Today we revisit the classic NDN RADIO/AIRLINES salute to the late great Dj icon Frankie Knuckles! He changed the scope of club music and gave us music that will forever move our bodies! Old skool heads! This ones for you! SALUTE! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#JeffIsMoody/#JeffInTheCar!(DOUBLE PLAY!)10/6/15

October 6th, 2015

Fam! Today, Jeff hops in the car and gives thanks to the Fam who constantly checked on him during the new house move, and THEN we double play as Jeff talks about his concept of the PERFECT-WOMAN! Let's go! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#HoodLoveMondays!(I Wont Complain!)10/5/15 Orig:2014

October 5th, 2015

Gooood MORNING! Fam! Don't complain! There's nothing wrong with venting and expressing your displeasure at times, but just remember that there's somebody out there going thru waaaaay more than you are! A positive mind is a successful one! Stop complaining and turn frustration into motivation! Listen up! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text @ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/instagram**

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(Faith In YOU!)10/2/15 Orig.3/27/15

October 2nd, 2015

FAM! It's almost time for the king to return FULL TIME! Until then, here's an #MMN classic replay where Moody is ranting about believing in yourself and some other stuff. Podcasting is bigger than laughs, popularity, and numbers to the Fam. If we don't inspire and speak truth also, then WTF are we even doing it for? See ya'll soon. One! ** jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

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