#HoodLoveMondays!(Cousin Ed and “E.J”)11/30/15

November 30th, 2015

Gooood MORNING! When it comes to father and son, Cousin Ed and his main dude EJ are probably the two guys I respect the most in this world. EJ is a very gifted, special, and favored young man. I asked them spur of the moment to give me a hood love for today as they traveled back from visiting family....and this is the organic, spontaneous GIFT they blessed the FAM with! "Time You Can't Get Back". Listen up. **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#TheSaturdayMorningHangover!(LOL! Moody’s Tispy!)11/28/15

November 28th, 2015

Hilarious. Even fully liquored up, the #CubicleKilla won't rest till the Fam #GETSOBER! At this point of podcast drunkness you either tap out, or record a completely "Fubar", incoherent, musically masterful show! This idiot chose the latter! Enjoy the "Family" talk and the "It is what it is" #CrashTheCarMix! GET SOBER! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(Under an Hour?)11/27/15

November 27th, 2015

Fam! Today's flight actually goes under an hour! That's not a typo! Moody steps away from family activity for a 40 minute flight and talks everything from white guys playing the "knockout game", to the most adorable child in Salvation Army history hustling the king out of $20! Enjoy this Family Day weekend and prepare to fly! SALUTE! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 668-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#Super7’s! (7 Songs To Travel To!)11/25/15

November 25th, 2015

Who hits the road without a great music or podcast lineup? NOBODY! That's who! As some of us prepare to travel for this "Family Day" (f*#k Columbus!) the #CubicleKilla! Blazes 7 joints that the Moody's roll to! There are like 50 more!! Maybe we'll do a "Traveling pt2"! These are just 7 of mines. What are yours? **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {FAM! If you're taking the road this season, TRAVEL SAFE AND BE OBSERVANT! Most High will protect us all! SALUTE!}

#JeffIsMoody!/#JeffInTheCar!(YOUNG MEN! Listen Up!)11/24/15

November 24th, 2015

FAM! Today, Jeff hops in the car and goes balls deep as he spazzes on a group of cowardly young males that jumped a senior citizen on a bus in Florida. If WE'RE not going to provide leadership for our youths, who the f#*k will?!!! We in the car! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#HoodLoveMondays!(A Song For Healing.)11/23/15

November 23rd, 2015

Goood MORNING! Fam...In some way or form, we all need healing. Here's a song that might inspire you to heal. Short, but effective. Listen up. **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#TheSaturdayMorningHangover!(Half and Half!)11/21/15

November 21st, 2015

FAM! The king speaks very quickly about knowing the "half and half" rule! What's that rule? It's When you know how to turn it on....and when to turn it off! After that, the #Cubicle KILLA! goes into a "HALF AND HALF" crash the car mix! From the bedroom...to the streets! I THINK you should listen to the message, and I KNOW you will enjoy the tunes! GET SOBER! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**


November 20th, 2015

On today's flight it's #AskMoody! The Fam always has a blast with these and it will be much improved for 2016! From "painting faces" and "The 90 day rule", to Charlie Sheen, knee-rehab, and anal sex, only one podcaster can give the best/worst advice known to man......while piloting a flight.....with a corona in his hand. Let's do this! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#Super7’s!”HOT ONES!” (A Replay Only Because!)11/18/15

November 18th, 2015

HAPPY BORN DAY, QUEEN NIKKA!! You know I'm on that "BRAN' NEW" until we clock out for 2015, but your request for the oldie but goodie #HotOnes! for your B-day was too much to resist! You have a story that proves that we can overcome any odds put against us! I'm proud of you, and I idolize you! This replay is the least I can do for your day! Enjoy, and I'll make sure I come back next week and tear #Super7's DOWN with the BRAN' NEW!**jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#JeffIsMoody/#JeffInTheCar!(STOP JUDGING HOODRATS!)11/17/15

November 17th, 2015

Lol! I know, I know. Isn't #JeffIsMoody the most judgmental bastard in the world when it comes to hoodrats, hamsters, and gerbils? Well....for today and today only, Jeff calls a truce with the rats to explain why there's somebody for everybody! In his own way of course. WE IN THE CAR! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {FAM! THIS FRIDAY(11/20) IS "ASK MOODY" ON #MMN! ANY AND ALL SEX, RELATIONSHIP, LIFE, AND LOVE QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED BY THE MOST UNQUALIFIED RELATIONSHIP "EXPERT" IN THE IN THE BUSINESS!! HAVE YOUR QUESTION IN BEFORE 12 NOON THURSDAY(11/19) SALUTE!}

#HoodLoveMondays!(Walking Is Quicker Than Running!)11/16/15

November 16th, 2015

Goood MORNING! Fam! Did you know that sometimes running can get you to your destination slower than walking can? Confused? Let me explain. Listen up! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#TheSaturdayMorningHangover!(Big Bro’ Gary Myers!)11/14/15

November 14th, 2015

3 weeks ago, I lost one of the most important people in my life, my Big Brother from another mother, Gary Myers. Today, I'm just going to salute him and play a few of his favorite tunes. Gary NEVER liked anyone talking when one of his favorite songs was playing! Lol. So today, while his joints are playing.....I won't. Love you, G! GET SOBER! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(Catchin’ Up Wit’ FAM!)11/13/15

November 13th, 2015

He's Ba-aaaack! After over 7 weeks away, the old man returns to the cockpit with a 90 minute sound off! Podcast Diddy reads some specific send in's from the FAM, and also thanks the hood for sticking with NDN! Of course, nothing has changed as Moody speaks on Yusef Mack, sex in hotels, a bossy transgender person, Donald Trump, and 5 things to do BEFORE the new year! The real and raw resumes.....now. SALUTE! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#Super7’s!(MAC MINI REBELLION!)11/11/15

November 11th, 2015

FAM! The famed JeffIsMoody/NDN Radio Airlines Apple "Mac Mini" has rebelled on the #CubicleKilla! Where's my music?!! Where are my folders?!! Anyway, baby bro "Co-D" is coming over tomorrow to fix the Mac! No show today and no replays because we're all about that BRAN' NEW until the end of our 2015 season. How can I make it up to you? How about 6 NDN RADIO SHOWS NEXT WEEK?!! Look for a bonus #Super7's Hot Ones on THURSDAY! Ok, Fam. Since my Mac dissed me.....IM GOING TO BED! See y'all on Friday w/ #MMN! SALUTE!

#JeffIsMoody!/#JeffInTheCar!(Good Kid Gymnastics)11/10/15

November 10th, 2015

Today, Jeff hops in the car and gives a lil' bit of hood advice about kids, sports, and privilege. If this dude ruled the world? Wowzers! Lol! Enjoy. WE IN THE CAR! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#HoodLoveMondays!(Using Your TIME!)11/9/15

November 9th, 2015

Goood MORNING! The Kings returns with an important message about how valuable your "Time" is! Don't waste a minute of it! Listen up. **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {FAM! We have about 3 weeks of fresh content left before we shut the NDN RADIO/AIRLINE machine down for 2015! Enjoy what's left and get ready for a completely phenomenal 2016! SALUTE!}

#MrMoodysNeighborhood!(MAN CODE!)11/6/15/Orig.2014

November 6th, 2015

As we rock the last classic replay of #MMN until the second week of December when we clock out for 2015, we feel it's only right to replay MAN CODE! Fellas...if we don't stick to code for men, then real men will disappear! Ya'll haven't noticed? **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram** {ON MONDAY 11/9/15, NDN RADIO RETURNS WITH ALL BRAND NEW CONTENT UNTIL THE SECOND WEEK OF DECEMBER WHEN WE SHUT DOWN TO PREPARE FOR 2016. FOR 2016, WE WILL BE RETURNING ON THE SECOND WEEK OF JANUARY. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GET READY FOR A BOMB ASS 2016! SALUTE!}

#Super7’s! (CHOCOLATE GIRLS!)11/4/15/Orig.2014

November 4th, 2015

Hours go into selecting the perfect songs for #Super7's, but the commentary is always spontaneous and from the heart whether serious, funny, or passionate. I love my Chocolate Girls and no amount of words expressed could be too much. Enjoy! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**{FAM!! Brand muhfu*#in NEW #Super7's return next week!! GET READY!}

#JeffIsMoody/#JeffInTheCar!(ALL NATURAL!)11/3/15

November 3rd, 2015

Jeff hops in the car and pays homage to our beautiful queens who keep it ALL NATURAL! Don't get me wrong! I love ALL my queens, but I would be lying if I didn't admit to having a special admiration for the sistas who work with exactly what the Most High blessed them with. WE IN THE CAR! Salute! **jeffismoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

#HoodLoveMondays!(DO IT NOW!)11/2/15/Orig.12/2/13

November 2nd, 2015

Goood MORNING! NDN RADIO RETURNS NEXT MONDAY 11/9/15 WITH ALL NEW EPISODES UNTIL WE CLOCK OUT FOR 2015 AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER! Here is one of the greatest #HLM messages ever! DO-IT-NOW! Get inspired and motivated and then pass it along. Salute! **mrmoody@gmail.com, text@ 678-3865331, @mrmoodyshood on Twitter/Instagram**

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