FAM! One of my favorite shows this year was a spontaneous question for question show I did w/ my baby brother and one of podcasting's brightest jewels, @iamJayMayo from "RIGHT TO R.E.A.L LOVE RADIO!" (www.righttoreallove.com)He was in Atlanta earlier in the year, and we got together at the Moody headquarters to ask each other some great relationship questions which inspired some great answers! This is a classic replay, but FOLLOW Jay Mayo @iamJayMayo on Twitter, and visit www.righttoreallove.com! He has the best relationship podcast in the Biz! Thanks Jay! No contact info for me on this one, Fam. Just go check my baby brother out! {FAM! WE ARE JUST WEEKS AWAY FROM THE KINGS FULL-TIME RETURN! Also, NDN RADIO/AIRLINES WILL BE SHUTTING DOWN FOR THE LAST 2 WEEKS IN DECEMBER AS WE PREP FOR A KILLER SEASON IN 2016! STAY TUNED!}